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Project Finance

Project finance requires multidisciplinary teams of Lawyers and Finance specialists to work together to ensure that a project achieves its funding objectives. The long-term nature of project funding necessitates specialist knowledge of the institutional practices of the industry. We provide funding advisory services for various requirements of our clients like project financing, term loan, working capital limits, packing credit, overdraft etc. We provide end to end services starting from assessment of client requirements, preparation of project/financial statements reports to funding disbursement. We have working relationships with various banks, financial institutions and other funding agencies, and have expertise in the procedures adopted by them. Some of the areas of our service offerings will include the following:

  • Arrangement of all Types of Loan based on project
  • Assist the client’s in documentation to access various facilities
  • Preparation & Appraisal of Project Report
  • Advising on Resource Mobilization.
  • Restructuring of Debts
  • Advising on optimum use of financial resources.
  • Assist in Improving Cash Flow System.
  • Reviewing and Advising on Blockages of Funds in Debtors/Inventories and also tracking Diversion of Funds.

We have an excellent track record in delivering world-class restructuring services to distressed companies. We provide comprehensive solutions to address reconstruction and re-capitalization issues. We assist companies to:

  • Negotiate with lenders for settlements or restructuring loans
  • Restructure Balance Sheets to align the capital structure to business requirements
  • Raise funds for re-financing high-cost capital
  • Participate in tri-partite arrangements (between lenders, borrowers and investors); enabling friendly take-over of distressed companies.

Our team has extensive advisory experience in investment and strategy in the international mining and natural resource industries, particularly in the structuring of private equity and joint venture investments, and for the raising of debt for emerging markets. We have acted as advisors on several natural resources/energy/mining equity investments. We have specialist knowledge in:

  • Privatisation and mining investment development
  • Feasibility Study and Investment Appraisal
  • Project finance, corporate finance, private equity investments, and financial advisory services for large private and public institutions
  • In-depth knowledge of the global natural resources industries
  • Advising several African countries on large privatisation programmes, and on the design and implementation of policies for foreign direct investments
  • Advising on several base metals and energy M&A and project finance transactions in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, and on the country programmes approval policy for a new US emerging markets assistance initiative.

Our competencies include economic and financial modelling, project research, due diligence analysis, and negotiating terms for debt and equity financing. GECA has entered into exclusive arrangements with a network of associated firms to draw upon a wider base of expertise; this means:

  • A 100-year track record of combined experience in every aspect of project financing
  • Award-winning financial advisory services backed by technical and management expertise
  • Proven systems for identifying and managing risks
  • Strong record of achieving more with existing assets and budgets
  • Leading experience in providing independent technical advice and project management services to lenders, sponsors and governments
  • Long-term perspectives based on extensive regulatory, legislative and policy insight

Therefore, whether you are interested in fully-funded public works projects or public-private partnership, we encourage you to call us today because our firm has the technical know-how and the resource capabilities to drive the process and bring it to fruition.


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