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Godwin Edosa-Charles & Associates LLP is a firm of international investment law and project finance consultants.

Our firm is a community of accomplished legal scholars and seasoned finance professionals who are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to the challenges businesses face in making investment decisions across international frontier, with particular attention to the African market. We also offer variety of training programmes for individuals and organisations to help strengthen their technical capacities for results-driven decision making and organizational effectiveness. As various geo-political challenges like energy market volatility, exchange rate fluctuations, population decline and fleet-footed capital continue to threaten the foundational architecture of the global economic system, we have seen the decline of the neo-liberal political doctrine of western-developed economies and its dominant ideology of market fundamentalism, and we have also seen the decline of state-directed economic development strategies of the Asian Tigers. We are now experiencing the steady rise of African version of community-assisted entrepreneurial capitalism that is set to take the global economy into a new era, whether you call it the decline of the West or the rise of the rest, Africa has become the new investment frontier.

The African continent (with its large endowment of natural resources) is now firmly at the forefront of global enterprise: new markets are opening up regularly in oil and gas, minerals and precious metals, social and economic infrastructures, and agri-business related activities. However, it is also true that the continent is regrettably bedeviled by systemic challenges and country-specific risks borne out of a complex historical background of political bondage and colonial imperialism. This is clearly evident in the lack of common standards in regulatory regimes and commercial practices across the continent. Our firm, with a network of associated offices located across the continent, is strategically positioned to offer bespoke solutions to companies of all stripes operating in the continent. A company is a socio-legal construct that must fit within the regulatory and cultural architectures in the environment where it operates. This is particularly true in the African continent where culture and tradition provide the heuristic basis for understanding the directional movements in regulatory programmes and economic development aspirations. Our legal experts will assist you with company formation, negotiation of strategic alliances, contract documentations and other regulatory compliance requirements. We will also equip you (through training and capacity development programmes) with the necessary tools to navigate the divergences in commercial practices as well as the cleavages in regulatory regimes across the continent to drive organizational effectiveness.

We have a dedicated finance team with extensive industry experience that is ready to assist your organization with everything from project life-cycle analysis: feasibility study, project appraisal and capital budget planning, and financing arrangements; to dealing with management issues like: treasury management, product extensions and acquisition planning, data analysis and presentation, preparation of management accounts and statutory reports, tax planning, and initial public offering. Our training academy brings together some of the best minds in industry and academia to provide cutting-edge training solutions for your staff. It is settled elsewhere that organizational success in the modern world depends, to a considerable extent, on the capacity of the company’s employees and that, continuous training and capacity development are necessary for any organization, not only for harnessing its short-term-term competitive advantage, but also to drive long-term regenerative programmes and sustainable growth. We regularly carry out scholarly research on new technological developments and industry thinking to help enrich the learning experience for your staff. Our training courses can be delivered either on any of the locations referred to on our website, on your company premises or designated locations, or through our network of associated firms located across the continent.

I thank you most sincerely for visiting our company. I encourage you to look through the website for the services we provide and if your business needs are not specifically mentioned on the site, please kindly give us a call for a free conversation about how we can work together to take your business aspirations to the next level.

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Godwin Ighedosa [LL.M, MBA, ACA, FCCA]
CEO/Managing Partner